Recommendation for audio rack?

Looking to spend no more than $300. 45-54 inches height, 5 or 6 racks. Components include Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated amp (50 or so lbs). Basic, simple, strong. Thanks!
Salamander from Audio Advisor.
Check out,they have many to choose from!
Thanks for ideas. There are nice ones on Wayfair - VTI and Sanus, which are thick, tempered glass. The Salamander is also nice, and is wood. Is wood better - maybe in terms of damping vibration (a novice question, I know)? The VTI and Sanus state the amount of weight they can handle, whereas the Salamander does not.
Salamander Archtype Black. The Archtype system isolates each moveable self with 4 big rubber washers. It is awesome for vibration dampning.You can even start with a beautiful amp stand and build up from there!
+1 for Salamander. You can customize the the height for each shelf as well.
Glass shelf is poison for music, Archtype is the way to go.
Thank you for the typically great responses - I purchased the Archtype 5, and also a 2, which I'll build into it to make it 54 inches.
Good choice. I have one, plus some extra shelves I can put in or pull out depending on my system's configuration.

I also recommend buying a good level. The archetype can be a real PITA to assemble without one.
All advice appreciated. The Archetype seems excellent (got 5, combining with 2). I echo Riffler, Royal PITA to assemble, actually even with a level. Aside from leveling, not hard at all...oh, but my demand for precision (which of course is an illusion, anyway). Seem like really strong, solid shelves. One more gripe - they're not clear about what you need. It wasn't until I started putting them together (having spent nearly $400) that I realized I was still missing "couplers" (another $25, and now waiting to finish until I get them).
Doublenickelsonthedime, I think the StillPoints Rack is clearly the best, especially now that it has their Grids. There is no rubber or soft materials involved. Instead they use ceramic balls to convert all vertical motion into horizontal motion and thus to heat.