Recommendation for amp

I recently purchased a Harbeth P3 ESR SE for my desktop.  Now I am looking for a good integrated amp with a small footprint within a $1-2K budget. All my listening will be digital sourced.   Any recommendations?
I would by a good class ab integrated used that would work out great for them you could get a great used amp for 2k that would light them up.
PS Audio Sprout or Peachtree Nova 150.  I used the Peachtree for several years before upgrading to seperates.  Highly recommend.  Haven't used the Sprout but heard very good things about it.


Recommendation for amp

Harbeth P3 ESR SE

They’ve got an easy load, even for a tube. But don’t go big in loudness before distortion sets in, and only 83db so >50w/8ohm would be nice.

This US made integrated would be ideal, also has headphone amp if you can stretch the budget a little more. And can be loaded up with dac and/or phono stage as well if needed.

Cheers George

Harbeth are serious speaker, would need something decent to get them to play at its best. Have a look at the combo Simaudio Moon 740P + 760A or some Nelson Pass gear like the INT-60 or the XP-32 with XA160.8.

Hope this helps.