Recommendation for a warm mid/high end amp

Not sure where to begin. I currently have an Acurus A250 amp and it sounds really good. Why i'm upgrading i'm not sure. I have a B&K Ref 70 preamp and PSB stratus silver speakers. It's a great combo. The SQ is amazing on some recordings. The Ref 70 is amazing if anyone is interested. I'm thinking of upgrading the Acurus amp to something else but what? I've had bryston and I wasn't too impressed as it seemed to bright to me. Any other ideas for a neutral/warm amp? I was thinking of sticking with B&K. Krell, Parasound, Anthem? There are so many choices.

Any feedback always appreciated.
You're in a place where many here are not: contented with the sound of your system.

Resist the urge to upgrade.
related to, but probably better than the Acurus, is the Aragon line. Try going with the 8088BB (vs the ST) but don't sell your existing unit until later, in case you decide it wasn't the right move
YBA has great bass drive very detailed but easy on the ear. I owned the others inc 250 acurus and aragon. More power than YBA but YBA has better image bass drive more detail and never fatiguing.
I have returned to my Rotel RB-1090 after Nuforce 9SE and Parasound JC-1's since I moved to a smaller house and can no longer fit the JC-1's in the room. I am very satisfied since the Rotel has more body in the bass/midbass and has no real drawbacks in my system. The JC-1's had a bit more tonal color and air but I don't really miss them. I have PSB Synchrony 1's and had Stratus Goldi's before that and the Rotel is great with either one and they are similar (duh) to your Silvers. If you want more body and warmth look for an RB-1090 (discontinued now) used. For $1000.00-1200.00 it is worth a try but get a handtruck since they weigh about 90#. SF Stereo had a demo for $1200.00 when I was there a few weeks ago and I almost bought it just to have a spare. Maybe they still have it.
You may want to take a look at Rowland amps.
Well, I'm not sure why exactly you feel the need to change, but if you did, the warmest sounding SS amps I know of are vintage Tandberg.

I've actually heard Rogue and ARC tube amps deliver a very robust and fulfilling "warm" sound with PSB speakers
Thank you for all the comments. Maybe the urge to upgrade is unwarranted.

Has anyone had experience with Cary or Classe?
Antique Sound Labs. Best bang for the buck out there