Recommendation for a sound pro in the NYC Metro area for dedicated stereo room design


My first ever post to this fine community where I have lurked for years.

I am building my first ever dedicated listening room - stereo set-up. I would like to defer the choice and positioning of acoustic treatments and placement of speakers to a professional.

I live in Bergen County, Northern New Jersey, a 10-minute drive from New York City.

Can anyone recommend a sound designer / acoustics professional whom they have worked with?

Thanks in advance for any referrals.

Chillysalt, My best advise is to go to Sound by Singer and make like you are going to buy a system. Then ask Who they use and why. 
Thanks indeed mijostyn. I will follow the lead.

By the dearth of replies I am guessing that members here are either guarding closely their sources or--more likely--take the DIY approach in the acoustic treatment of their rooms.