Recommendation for a second arm/cartridge combo

Folks, I'm looking to install a second arm/cartridge combo on my C/A Maximum Solution table. Plan is to use my current arm/cartridge (Graham 2.2 + C/A Victory H) as the 'daily driver' and install a second arm for more intimate listening sessions. I initially considered the C/A TQ series linear tracking arms, but other pivot models, i.e. Schroder Reference or Dynavector 507, have caught my attention as well. The phono stage is a Klyne 7PX5 feeding a tubed F/S Paramount SE linestage, into a Rowland 302, into Eidolon Diamonds.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations the forum gurus can offer.
Schroder Reference/Zyx Airy 3
What kind(s) of music will you use this combo for? That and some idea of your budget expectations, if any, would help narrow the field.
i own the "anniversary" version of the maximum solution, with synchro and all the other available bits. for my second arm/cartridge, i've chosen the graham 2.2 (used) with a benz lp MONO. as a collector of mono, especially early jazz and rock (e.g., beatles) recordings, i find this combination to be quite practical and clearly superior to just another stereo pairing.

my first arm/cartridge is the graham phantom/koetsu burma jade.
i own the "anniversary" version of the maximum solution, with synchro and all the other available bits. for my second arm/cartridge, i've chosen the graham 2.2 with a benz lp MONO. as a collector of mono, especially early jazz and rock (e.g., beatles) recordings, i find this combination to be quite practical and clearly superior to just another stereo pairing.

my first arm/cartridge is the graham phantom/koetsu burma jade.
listen mostly to jazz (about 50%), followed by classical (about 30%), then an even split between classic rock and country. I like the idea of the Graham Phantom as the main, then the 2.2 as the secondary due primarily to the ease of setup and my familiarity with Graham. However, I would welcome recommendations on other brands/types as well as cartridge matching. I'm looking to spend about $7k on the arm/cartridge combo but have some flexibility.

Cornfedboy, you probably have the 'anniversary' edition of the Master Solution since you're using it with the Synchro. The Maximum solution has 3 motors and comes with the C/A APG motor controller. Question: How do you switch from listening to one arm to the the other, do you just remove/reconnect the 5-pin DIN connector from one arm to the other? How do you deal with the phonostage in terms of load and output? Unless the Benz and Koetzu have similar load requirements and output specifications, wouldn't you have to make adjustments to the phonostage everytime you switch (not a problem with some preamps, i.e., Manley or Rhea, as they are easily adjustable)? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
$7K will easily purchase an arm/cart that will relegate your 2.2/Victory H to the #2 spot. You might as well move them to the back armboard now, just to make room! ;-)

If you want a Schroeder Ref there's no better choice, though it would leave you only $1500 for a cartridge. That's not a horrible idea - top arms are for life, cartridges are for a few thousand hours. If you don't mind being somewhat unbalanced in favor of the arm for a while, put a ZYX R100 Fuji or Shelter 901 on the Ref. You won't hear everything the Schroeder is capable of, but the cartridge will sing like no Fuji or 901 ever sang before. You will probably upgrade to a top cartridge in the future, since there's no limit to what a Schroeder Ref deserves to be paired with. Whatever you do, don't listen to a Schroeder Ref/ZYX UNIverse until you have $10-11K to spend. Hear that combo once and you're doomed.

If you want a closer balance between arm and cart then I'd recommend a Schroeder DPS or TriPlanar VII paired with a ZYX Airy 3.

The Schroeder/Airy will have a slightly richer harmonic envelope, a greater warmth and presence. The TriPlanar/Airy will have crisper attacks, more detail and kick. Which combo would sound "better" will depend on your rig, system room and preferences.

I haven't heard any C/A table so I really don't know which combo would be the more synergistic. If I had to choose for you blindfolded I'd choose the DPS. It's less likely to cause a problem. In some setups a TriPlanar/Airy 3 can go slightly over the top and become a bit edgy.

The Airy 3 is available in several configurations:
- .24mv or .48mv output (same price)
- copper or silver coils (same price)
- unweighted, silver weight or gold weight (upcharge)

Output level will depend on your phono stage gain, go with .24mv if you can. I've only heard the copper coils, perhaps Mehran of SORAsound can advise on the differences. For any medium mass arm the silver headshell weight is a good choice. Full Airy 3 details are in the review linked with my signature.
Thanks, Dougdeacon. Is Galibier the sole distributor for Schroeder? If I go with the Schroeder Reference/ZYX R100 combo, I know I'll be kicking myself down the road for not getting the UNIverse but $10k is also a lot of coin. If I compromise and do a Schroeder Reference with a ZYX Airy 3 (or 2), would that work? You seem to have plenty of experience in the ZYX line. Thanks again.
Dear Ca2284: You have a very nice and high resolution system: congratulations. I really like your Eidolon's: great performers.

Whit that kind of money my advise is that you go for a better cartridge: Allaerts Mc2 Finish, Dynavector XV-1, Transfiguration W/V or Van denHul Colibri ( low output one ), these cartridges beats any ZYX, btw those cartridges are very very hard to beat.
If you go for a better cartridge you can have a better quality sound reproduction, remember that the cartridge is the source and is where you can get more for your money, and like Doug told you: "cartridges are for a few thousand hours. ". Enough for 4-5 years of three daily hours of use.

You can choose SME IV or Moerch DP6 for tonearms. This one has the advantage to choose from severals arm wands ( different efective mass ) depending of your cartridge.

Any of these combinations, hands down the Schroeder/901/R100 combinations. Not because the tonearm, but because the lesser quality of the cartridges.

Regards and enjoy the music.
AFAIK Galibier is only a distributor for Schroeder if you're buying one of their tables. Same for Teres. Schroeder's USA distributor for arm-only sales is

A Schroeder Ref/ZYX Airy 3 (or 2) would be brilliant, and credit to Flyingred for first suggesting it. I guarantee that combo will send your existing one to the basement. The only problem will be waiting 4-6 months for the arm. It's worth it.

The Airy 3 is faster and more dynamic than the 2. In a small number of systems it can go a bit edgy but that's very unlikely on a Schroeder Ref - it's the best damped arm on the planet. So go for the Airy 3 if you can. You won't kick yourself. The Airy 3 on a Schroeder Ref would keep anyone happy for years.
Hi: You can have another alternative. To buy a better Clearaudio cartridge. If you like the Victory then you will be in love with the Discovery or the Harmony. Musical Surroundings can take your Victory in a trade-in for those cartridges. Yes, both are better than the ZYX.
The problem with the ZYX are at the low mid-bass and low bass. Some of the people that own ZYX cartridges, in this forum, can't hear these problems because their systems have limited frecuency response in that frecuency range and can't reproduce clean and undistorted sound in that range. I'm not telling you that the ZYX are not a good one cartridge, it is, but there are many other cartridges that are better than ZYX.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hello Doug,
Slight correction:
As of the beginning of this year, Galibier, Teres, AudioAdvancements and a small number of other dealers are to be seen as equals in their rights to sell my arms(no table purchase neccessary ;-). Whoever seems to be providing the best service or is closest to your system(physically or in terms of preferences) should be the one. Don't expect these to compete via the price, which has come down since there is no more distributor margin incorporated in the retail price...
Btw, thanks to all of you for your kind words!

Off to the Munich show tomorrow morning...


Thanks for your responses, Flyingred, Cornfedboy, Doug and Raul. I'm about 90% sure on the Schroeder arm but still contemplating on the cartridge. I wish auditioning tonearm/cartridge combos was just as easy and simple as auditioning CD players. There are just too many variables in an analog setup. Anyway, I'll think long and hard about this and hopefully be able to make a decision based on your recommendations and feedback. Thanks again.