Recommendation for a power conditioner

I've never used a power conditioner before and thought now is the time, even if for nothing more than cord management.  I'd be plugging a JL sub, an LG OLED set, a Classe CAV-500 amp, Classe Sigma processor, and Oppo 4K player into the unit.  I'd like to keep it to around $800, whether new or used.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
I like my APC H15.  Built like a tank and has has lots of outlets.  But what sets it apart from many others is that it has power regulation that can mitigate incoming power fluctuations thereby lowering stress on components' power supplies.  It has indicator lights that let me know when it's boosting or cutting power to the system, which is nice as when it's boosting power it's often a sign we're about to have a power outage -- in which case it helps reduce the severity of an instant loss of power.  Great peace of mind and great customer support as well. 

The only concern I might have is if it might limit current to your amp or how it may affect the sonics of your system.  I use mine in a mid-fi home theater setup and it seems pretty transparent versus plugging into the wall, but I haven't tested it critically it on my main 2-channel rig although I didn't notice any obvious differences when it was in there.  My buddy has an H10 in his main system and did not notice any degradation.  FWIW and just in case this may be a concern.  Hope this helps and best of luck. 

Topaz is what a lot of people in the audio industry use - you can buy them cheap on evilbay

I'd use one for the digital side a lot sooner than on a power amp...
I use an ExactPower SP15A for everything except the sub. The sub goes into a PS Audio quartet. Sounds great to my ears. Bought the EP 15A about 7 months ago on audiogon. It's within your price range if you can find one. 
of course, the real question is whether you have problems on the power line to begin with...

RFI may be injected into your fancy RCA ICs...

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Discussing your load requirements with a licensed electrician and having him inspect your dwelling is a fundamentaly safe and economical place to start. 

I had three dedicated 20 amp uninterrupted BX clad lines and breakers installed for $725. 

Paul Mitchell conditioners really smooth things out and stop frizzle.

much will depend on your locale. Are you living in a major U.S. city? Suburb? Rural area?  As above, look into a dedicated line (if you are able to do so).

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Down the road when you have more funds available you might consider the Core Power Technologies 1200 or 1800. Hugh bang for the buck value. Here is an Audiogon thread you can read or follow:
Look for deals on Furman's with LiFT and SMP.


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I am using a dedicated (separate breaker) 20 AMP wall outlet >>> Emotiva CMX-2 >>> Panamax MR4300 >>> all audio and video equipment.  Well within your $800 budget.
Contact, Ralph @ Atma-Sphere   He has a Industrial type power condition which should be installed near your electrical box. Run Cable straight into your rooms. This is the fastest power conditioner on the planet and handles 3500 watts. It is the only one that will not restrict dynamics.

Ever Noticed the sound at midnight is always better? Now you can have that same sound all day if you have one of these power conditioner.

Frankly speaking 95% of So called High end Power conditioner do more damage then good. At first all is good but spend weeks with them and you come to realise its not all that good as expected. Hence the reason why you see so many people buying and selling audiophile grade power conditioners.

Don't make the same mistake as I did over the last 10 years.
here is an interesting thread with several engineers posting:

My basic premise is to look for a conditioner that does not use chokes or limits its application. Whenever chokes are involved, it limits current and seems to color the audio signature of your components - especially, if your amplifiers are high current designs.  Usually an A/B comparison can show the effect the conditioner has on your gear if it is a choke-heavy design.  I personally use a Tice Power Block III Signature Series that I had purchased years ago - still happy with it and it is providing good service.  
Excellent post archimedesaz. Welcome to Audiogon forums!

Torus RM15 or 20.  Very nice addition that actually works