Recommendation for a new cd player??

I just recently purchase the Jolida 1000 RC for my Von Schweikert Audio VR2's speakers with DH Labs cables and interconnects. The speakers are rated at 87 bd efficicency. Looking for a good recommendation for a cd player that will match my current system. I had the Shanling T-200 cd player but I sold it to make an upgrade. Would love to stay with a tube cd player, also I was looking at the Jolida 100 for the cd however I dont know how the 100 is rated overall. Also, looking into Naim, Rega. I will buy probably a "used" unit or new. My budget is at $1,200.

Looking forward to a good recommendation, used or new unit! Thanks
I would recommend the Cary 303/200, you should be able to get one used around $1,200.
FWIW, I can say I've been very pleased with my Jolida 100 with Level 1 upgrade(specs of which are probably found here or at the Underwood Hifi website). Price at the time (little over a year ago) was in your range. No knowledge as to whether it's a good fit with your existing equipment or not.....
I'm using a JAS Audio Musik 1.2 player with my tube integrated. It's a tubed CDP with a 12AX7 in the output stage. Very lively-sounding, lots of detail and good across the spectrum. Nice remote. Price is under your budget.
My recommendation would be a used Audio Aero Prima Mk2. It has a 6021W vacuum tube output stage. A fantastic CD player for the used price. I owned Jolida JD100 and Consonance Ref 2.2 before and the Prima is a much classier sounding player all around. No doubt about it.

The New Soundquest player looks great,sounds great and sells for about $1200
transnova: can you provide a manufacturer's or reseller's link for the Soundquest? It's totally new to me.
Hi, Just a thought. Don't laugh without trying first. This is something which made me take note & even laugh at myself. Plenty of talk on this if you care to google. Try a Toshiba DVD SD-3990. Costs only $50 to try! Cheers.
The Soundquest SQ-12 is available at Quest For Sound(
MHZS 88 with a couple of mods and upgraded tubes
I went with a Jolida JD 100 with a level 2 mod, nice sounding!