Recommendation for a dedicated line wire

Looking to wire my room with 2 dedicated lines - one for the amps and one for the sources. I will appreciate your recs for an in wall wire. I need about 60' for both lines and I'm trying not to spend more than $20 a foot.
Thanks in advance.
Tls49 Hi, I did not know the industry made Cryo'd treated Romex receptical wire cable, very interesting, I have 10 gauge Romex now, you said that the cryo treated was an improvement, I suppose you are talking about 10 gauge cryo treated wire compaired to none treated 10 gauge?, how much money per foot for the cryo treated 10 gauge Romex?

Cryo'd Romex from VH Audio,

It was a definite improvement compared to standard 10 gauge Romex in a friend's system.
I used 12awg Romex with very good results.
Can pick it up at most hardware stores.