Recommendation for a cd player-tricky question

I'm looking for the right cd player to round out a modest but satisfying system.I'll be very grateful for input and if someone's info leads to a conviction I'll send them a home-made compilation of thier favorite kind of music.
My system is a pair of Omega super 3's (on the Sklan stands) and the little Almarro int.amp.
I'm looking for something that meets the following criteria: sounds good (organic,full-bodied etc.),plays cd'rs
shallow front to back (12'' or less) and not mass produced in asia (not to get into that whole thing politically) preferably available in silver- budget under $800 new or used (wouldn't mind less)-all in all not an easy nut to crack-
thanks so much in advance- Adam
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Check Quad out.
Btw, I have a Sony player for 11 years and still working perfectly.

Believe it or not, you really should pick up a Toshiba 3950 or 3960. Check out the discussions over at AA. Now, I'm not sayin' it's the end all be all of cd players by any means, but dimension-wise it fits your needs and it's a pretty damned musical player after about 100 hours of break-in.
Try a musical fidelity x -ray ,lovely player, thats what i would look at, good luck.
A Jolida JD100 fits the bill. Its 12" deep, silver, tubed output, $760 new. Do a search and you'll find only accolades for this player. See my "system" for a picture.
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