Recommendation for a 300b Integrated amp

I am looking for a new amp and want to try a 300b based integrated. I would be driving it from my Allnic H3000 phono stage and the speakers are 92db efficient in a small room.

Want to stay under $7k.

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Cary, Manley, Wavac.. Alright, who did I miss?"

Those are all good ones. I think a couple of the Asian companies make them as well. I forget if Audio Note makes integrateds. Although I'm pretty sure they do.

Another option you may want to consider is just getting a really good power amp with a high quality passive volume control. If you are willing to buy used, you can probably get the same amp I have, a VAC 30/30. It sounds incredibly good and it has tons of power, considering its just 2 300b's per channel. It easily drove to normal listening levels, in a medium size room, Martin Logan SL3's, ProAc 2.5's, Vandersteen 2's and 1's, and now my Wilson Cub's. If you're in the market for an amp like this, you just can't go wrong.
Good suggestions above. I'd strongly consider the Audio Note Kit 300b SET with the upgraded double C core output transformers. You can have it built by Digital Pete if you don't want to build it yourself. Roxy54 has this amplifier and says its excellent sounding. His was built by Pete. The VAC REN 30/30 is a very good amp but is push pull. It will be a bit different from a SET presentation. Not saying better or worse but a different sound presentation. Just depends on what you're looking for. In your price range you have many good choices.
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Why not stay with an Allnic integrated 300B amp?

My thoughts exactly Larry! You own one, why don't you give him the model number? T-1500. It looks sweet to me!!
Wow! just noticed a Viva 300b PSET for sale on this site. I hardly ever see these available.Viva amplifiers have very stout power supplies and very good transformers.Interesting.
If you are serious about getting a 300b amp, there are some compelling choices for sale on this site. The Allnic 1500 and he's offering pair of EML XLS for an addition 400.00(a true bargain for these superb 300bs).

I see a pair of Wavelength Cardinal (PSET version) mono blocks available. You have some seriously fine choices at terrific used prices. These two amps and the Viva mentioned above would be an excellent foundation for a SET based system. Your timing is good.
There are lots of good choices, as the others have indicated. One thing that might help to better focus the recommendations would be to indicate the specific make and model of the speaker (which apparently is not the one indicated in your system description). A given 300b amp, especially a SET, can sound different depending on the impedance characteristics of the speakers it is being used with, particularly if the impedance varies significantly as a function of frequency and/or does not remain high at all frequencies.

For example the T-1500, unusually among SETs, uses 6 db of negative feedback to achieve a relatively low output impedance/high damping factor. That will reduce its sensitivity to the speaker's variations of impedance as a function of frequency, while also (I would expect) contributing to differences between its intrinsic sonic character and that of other SETs.

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