recommendation for a 10 gauge power cable for a power conditioner.


I bought a second hand torus power conditioner and it requires a 20A power cable.   Looking for an upgrade to the stock power cable and was recommended that it be an 7-10 gauge power cable.  Anybody have a reasonably priced power cable recommendation ($500 or less).....thanks
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There was a used Shunyata  20 amp Copperhead power cord here a few weeks ago, you would have to check if it is still here.  I use them on my Shunyata power conditioners and the 15 amp version on my amp and pre.  It is 10 gauge and all you would ever need.  The cords went for 450.00 new, used about 200-225.00
The Cullen Cable Crossover ll that twoleftears recommended is excellent. 

I added one about a month ago and have another coming next week. Neutral, dynamic, great build quality and a fantastic value.


I'm selling a JPS Power AC ( 8ga.) power cord on USA Audiomart for $125.00. Check my ad there if you're interested.
Thanks for ideas starting with pangea ac9mkii se  as its a 6gauge copper no filtering or other esoterica and returnable at Amazon with fast shipping.   
I agree about a Pangea AC9SE. it also comes available with the 20 amp IEC plug.
Audio Advisor is the only authorized dealer.
I believe Pangea is Audio Advisors  house brand.
I checked Amazon. Yes Amazon IS selling Pangea (through Audio Advisor_. So apparently yes you can buy Pangea through Amazon now. And they do have the 20 amp IEC connector version too.
I tried one of the wide-girth Pangea cords (forget which awg, the big one).  It was so heavy it pulled itself out of the connector socket on the back of the unit, even though it was pretty close to the floor.  Everything needs to fit very snugly to stay in properly.
Well if doesnt fit plan B is the Synergistic Research UEF HC Black power cable 10gauge $550 and most of my cabling is Synergistics anyway
You can take a look at Triode Wire Labs: High End Cables at Budget Friendly Prices - Triode Wire Labs and still stay within your budget.

As much as I liked Zu PCs and Cullen Cable PCs, TWL cables bettered both of them (not by a large margin, but still...,). And, if you go for the Pangea line, Joe Levy of Tempo Electric knows the guy who makes them and told me it's a good PC, and he makes great speaker cables. 

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I use Teflon plumbers tape wrapped around the plug body which sticks in the receptacle to make a tight fit to help hold the Pangea cord in place.
For some I also add on some 'Blu Tack" like stuff. Use a 1/2" sphere.. Roll it to get it sticky, then form a tube of it about 3:" long. Wrap it around the base of plug/IEC and press it down around the connection.
When removing it, lots will stick. Use the main ball of the blutack stuff and pat the sticking bits. They will all came off sticking to the body of the stuff. I have reused blobs of it for years, and dozens of times.
With the blu tack the plugs never come out on their own.
Plus it dampens vibrations at the plug interface.
Pangea power cord arrived today but the female side didnt fit into the Torus RM20 wasnt that the female side of pangea was too big.  PROBLEM is the blades of the torus inlet dont match up to the pangea female side of the power cable....

Ordered the SR UEF black HC 10 gauge PC hopefully will fit in the Torus RM20 conditoner
Fits yay.... cord is 10AWG ....better than stock cord now lets see how good once warmed up
 lot of big conditioners use the IEC chassis male 20 amp connector. They have horizontal blades. where the 15 amp typical IEC has vertical blades.
Pangea has a 20 amp version, but since it is a rarer type, you specifically have to ask for it (it is in the catalog)
My Furman RE20i had the 20 amp type, but I took it off an used Furutech chassic IEC 15 (which has really nice thick heavy duty blades and screw down inside big enough to accept 10 gauge wire) So I could use any ordinary powercord.
Pangea  very reasonable seven gauge power cables at Audio Advisor.  1 m goes for about $200. Do  Maze audio makes a  more flexible 20 amp cord that you can purchase on eBay