Recommendation – Dali Helicon 400 vs. Aerial 6

Recently I auditioned Dali Helicon 400 speakers. They have great soundstage, dynamics, image and I think they are very musical. Does anyone know how do they compare to Aerial Model 6? Dali Helicon 400 is 2.5 way, while Aerial is 3 way. Is there any significant difference? Dali spec sheet indicates that there is no designated midrange but mid/woofer. Does this means that the midrange is flouting? Also when will I miss the sound of 3 way speaker? The midrange was quite amazing on Helicons.
Thanks for all suggestions.
I have sold both (There for I've had experience installing them both in many different rooms) and although I love Aerial and the owner Mike Kelly, the Dalis are a different world of musicality and ease of set up (they require no toe in to name one advantage, and being their ports are in the rear, the bass is less colored). There is a reason for all rave reviews of the Dali line. Have FUN and enjoy!!
Rear ported bass is a problem with set-up in itself, room to breath will be key.