I am considering purchasing a solid state pre amplifier.  I would consider paying as much as $10,000. It will replace a VTL 5.5.  I have used a tube preamp for over 20 years, and I love the sound of tubes, but it is becoming more and more difficult to change the tubes, and now that I am using Tidal and internet radio, the pre amp is on almost all of the time.

The power amp is BAT 6500 and Magneplaner Tympani t 1d.  (I have owned the tympanies since 1978!)

Why isn't an Ayre preamp under your consideration?  You can't do better.
As a fan of tube preamps, Klyne is the only SS preamp that I would consider.

I certainly haven't heard them all, but I've owned Levinson, Krell, Classe, Rowland, Klyne, Coda, Threshold and had Ayre, Pass Labs, Spectral, and BAT preamps in my system.
I have not heard Vitus, Burmester, MBL, etc., but they may be over your $10K range, even used.

Curiously, how hard is it to change tubes? Some tube designs even have the tubes openly accessible.
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In your opinion what are the strengths & weaknesses of the VTL? 
What are your input requirements? 
Keep the amp and pay a tech to visit your home with white gloves and replace the tubes every few years. No point paying out huge money for streaming source material.
Dear Infection:. I really like the VTL.  Really, the only reason to switch is to avoid having to pull the unit out a couple of times per year and change the tubes.  

I like noromance's advice--. When it comes time to change the tubes, and if I do not want to do it, I will hire someone!  

Thanks for all the comments.  

In my experience a Tube pre-amp should not need re-tubing a couple times a year even if on a considerable time. I would have a tech look at it and then consider what brand of tubes you are using.
I agree with glennewdick, a tube preamp should not need re-tubing a couple of times a year. If it does, there maybe something wrong with it. Preamp tubes should last for several years.
I've had a VTL 2.5 for over 12 years that is on 24x7 and serves double duty for music and TV -- i.e. it sees a LOT of use.  I finally did a re-tube this year. To be fair, one tube started acting up about a 18 months ago, but the preamp certainly does not require new tubes every couple of years, let alone a couple of times per year as you've experienced with your 5.5.  Have you spoken with VTL about your experience to get their perspective?