Doing a follow up on a desire to upgrade my speakers, as it's been sometime since I asked this question.

Interested in some bookshelf speakers (or mini monitors).
Budget is about $700-$800/pair. Open to new or used.

Currently have an original set of Bose 401 floor speakers, paired with an Onkyo TX-840 (60 watts/channel)...bought back in 1989. They served me pretty well over the years, and honestly, still sound pretty good to my non-audiophile ears. They currently are in a living room about 25' by 20' with a sloping ceiling..hardwood floors with rugs, furniture, etc.

Lately, I've been listening to some bookshelves/monitor type speakers and loved the clarity and detail they seem to offer.
Also seems like they've improved the bass, compared to what I've been using before.

In my search, I've narrowed it down to:

B&W 685 $650/pr
Aperion Verus Grand $700/pr (30 day trial, free shipping)
EPOS Epic 2 $500/pr (on sale now)
Silverline Minuet Supreme $700/pr
Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 $800/pr

Hard to say since it's dependant on what's available.
Would love a set of Spendors, and any recommendations on
used bookshelves that fall into my price range.

This would be a music only, 2 channel system (not home theater)...and want to move away from floor standers.

We like all kinds of music (Jazz, blues, rock, vocals, etc) - and most of time prefer low to medium volume, but with clarity and detail. Would like to also be able to crank it up at times, though.

Appreciate your opinion or recommendations.

Tekton Design makes some excellent, reasonably-priced speakers. Also, Anthony Gallo ( has some killer bookshelf speakers employing their fabulous CDT tweeter. Look at the Classicos and Stradas or A'divas for the varying designs and price points.

Finally, have been getting great reviews for their AirMotiv line of powered speakers that have a terrific folded-ribbon (AMT-style) tweeter.

No offense intended, but all of these speakers will *kill* your Bose 401s. The newer speaker technologies and designs have wrought immense improvement in the sound quality.

The nice thing about these internet direct companies is that you can audition the speakers in your home/system. And Gallo has a fabulous home trial policy: 60-days and absolutely no cost to you, they cover shipping both ways if you do not like the speakers (very doubtful)...

If you don't mind buying used, check out VMPS 626R monitors. They have been called the finest sounding monitors at any price. You could probably get a used pair for right around your price range. If they have upgrades such as auricaps, megawoofers, they would be more in the $1200 range but would sound better. If you like great clarity, dynamics, tranaparency, and detailed bass down to 37 hz. these are the speakers for you. They are 2 ft. tall, 10" W, and 13" deep. They weigh about 54 lbs. each. I used to have a pair and still kick myself for selling them--although I made a friend and musician very happy. Read the reviews and hope you get lucky with a pair on Agon.