I am looking into upgrading my intergrated to seperates.

Tube preamp and solid state amp. I am looking for something around 2K price range.

I own PSB MINI STRATUS and will be running a turntable by the weekend and I run a Cambridge CD player through a Cambridge miracle DAC.

My room is 12X20. I have the wall set up with sound boards already.

So now I am just looking into sweetening up the sound. Any ideas to help point me in the right direction?

$2K total or for each piece?
The Mini's are PSB's best ever. I really liked them with a class A rated amp (Pass, Threshold, Aragon)
$2K total.

I am running a Music Hall A3 intergrated now.

Now I have owned a Sansui tube reciever when I was a teenager. And I would like to get that sweet sound once again. But I do like the well balanced controlled sound of a solid state amp in controling the bass little better. But I still would like the sound of tubes. I play guitar and use nothing but tube amps. And it is like night and day in comparison.

But I was curious if the preamp with tubes would open up the sound stage more. If so that would be the direction I want to go.

I'd consider Pass Aleph 3 with Conrad Johnson PV-10 or Cary SLP pre-amps. Alephs work extremely well with 4 ohms.
Oops I just realized I posted wrong integrated amp. It is a Musical Fidelity A3. Not the Music Hall.