Recommend your best sounding LP's

I am receiving a new TT today and am looking to add to my collection of great albums.  I have been sorting an extensive collection from my father (mostly 60's).  I am open to all kinds of music as long as the recording is amazing.  I know of the usual suspects (Pink Floyd, Dire Straights, Cowboy Junkies).  What I am looking for is recommendations on some more obscure music I may not be familiar with yet.  I am really enjoying Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra for example.  Wasn't really my thing until recently.  I guess that is another benefit of a high-quality system.  Please recommend an artist and specific album down to the pressing information if you can.  Thanks in advance!!!!
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By the way, my CD collection also sits there lonely and unplayed since we swung back into analog in a big way.
Steve Wilson = genius. Multi-instrumental, mixes, produces, remixes famous classic prog, cool sounds, constantly cranking out stuff, different collaborations, including that Israeli rock musician, his stuff with Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth. Guy can do it all. His remixes of Tull's Benefit and Aqualung were great, and dirt cheap on vinyl. 
Wonderful posts.When it comes to Music you are a world of Information.
Taking time out from helping my wife decorate for the holidays I found this thread but now, must get back to the task at hand.
bdp24,Very good as well.
Try an try an early seventies album by Ace called AN ACE ALBUM...nice English pub rock recorded well and includes the original radio hit version of "How Long" sung by Paul Carrack at 22 years old...if you like harder edge stuff, a hard to find but really well recorded rock album with good dynamics and cool songs is Twin Barrells Burning by Wishbone Ash...A left field album that sounds phenomenal and is a great demo record is Weapons of Love by The Truth...the title track is an exercise in taste and dynamics and will give your rig a workout....Winton Marsalis has a great hard to find LP of 50’s style 4 piece jazz called Black Codes From The Underground that sounds like a clinic on recording the natural sound of a 4 piece drum can literally hear the sound of the wood on the drum rolls....I have engineered front of house live sound for years and this recording gets it right...obviously recorded with a minimal microphone count and each of the few mics perfectly placed...and if you get a chance check out CPR ( Crosby Pevar Raymond) a sonic spectacular and anything by Ray Montford...all of this stuff will have your guests asking you what they are..

@bdp24  very kind of you--I'm a piker compared to some collectors or musicologists, but retiring has given me the time to really dig down. You're no slouch either.
@goldeneraguy So nice to see you post. Always enjoy seeing you here- bringing a little humanity to the sterile environment of the Internet. 
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