Recommend using some fastener to speaker stand

I am thinking about using some fastener to secure speaker to speaker stand. The speaker stands are low for my Spendor 1/2E and the speakers weight a lot so it is secure but I have some dogs and cats that I am concerned could bump into it and cause the speaker to fall off the stand.

Any particular museum putty or other fastener recommended that hopefully will not damage bottom of speaker?
Blutak or similar will work fine. I have the same speakers and Blutak forms a very strong bond but does not damage the speakers finish. My own woofer is a mini Dax which is too short to bump into almost anything.
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'Moon Gel', a drummers accessory available in most musical instrument stores, and very inexpensive.
Blutack or another compound may even have a positive effect on sound by damping vibration at the interface with the support.

I don't have a kids/cats problem any more so when a seller included some Herbie's Grungebuster pads with a pair of speakers, I took off the Blutack and tried those. There's no adhesive on them but they really do make a useful sonic difference for not much money.

Maybe this info will be useful to the OP later on.
Blutack is rock solid, but when you remove the speakers do it by twisting them side to side to loosen the blutack's grip. Pulling straight up can rip chunks of the veneer off of a speaker. This happened to me with a cheap, vinyl-veneered speaker. Never had a problem with wood veneers and twisting.