Recommend Used Stereo Shops in SF Bay Area


I'm looking for recommendations for used stereo shops in the SF Bay Area to sell some used gear (Bryston 1B Preamp, Theta Digital Processor). I'd prefer to sell to them outright rather than consign.

I searched AG but I didn't find any recommendations so I'm asking here.

Any recommendations?

I live in the SF Bay Area and used to visit all of the "used stereo shops" but most are long gone. You obviously want a quick sale or you would look for some other method of sale, like the online websites we are all familiar with. However, I know of one in San Jose who might help you, i.e. Sounds Unique. Just know that he is a reseller and will offer you a price that will allow him to make a profit. Your loss will be his gain but if you insist on a quick sale versus consignment, then your options are limited.
You may be already aware, but to sell outright you are going to get considerably less than the used value.

The Sound Well in Berkeley does purchase gear outright. There is also a record store in Santa Cruz who I believe buys used gear. They are about 2 blocks from the Streetlight record store downtown .
Thanks for the info.

Yes, I know there would be a financial hit. I'm helping out a friend whose husband passed away; she'd rather not put much time and energy into selling any items.

Keep 'em coming!

Thanks again!
Contact Champlifier in Alameda. The owner is Sheldon. He does repairs and upgrades but he may be interested.