Recommend tube meter

I just bought a tube amp and need a tube meter to bias it. I went to the local Radio Shack and they told me they dont carry any. Can you guys recommend a good tube meter ? Thanks.
You need a DC voltmeter, not a "tube meter.". Radio Shack has them. Ask them for a DVM or a multimeter. It will be able to measure AC voltage, DC voltage and resistance. Set it to DC volts and you are in business.

All you need is a volt meter, or multi meter, two names for the same thing. Radio Shack has many models to choose from, you were just asking for the wrong thing. You may even have one lieing around the house. If you have a Harbor Freight store near you, they have a nice one for around $7.00.
My little Radio Shack digital multiple meter is easy to use. It cost about 50 bucks a few years ago.

They also have traditional devices with analog gauges/displays which are very cool looking but tough to read without enhanced training;-)
IMHO, for this application, you can simply get a multimeter from Radio Shack or Sears. I have been happy with Fluke and HP products, but if this is your only use of it, I recommend getting something inexpensive. There is not much to be gained by purchasing and expensive multimeter for tube biasing only.

Sears has a budget one for $32 everyday.Its number 82344,and auto ranging to make it easier.If you want something thats rugged for daily use on the job,go with a Fluke.For typical around the house stuff,the $32 Sears does ok.
the $8 meter from Harbor Freight works great for biasing amps. If you spend more than that for a meter, make sure it has auto range detection, otherwise it's not worth the extra $'s. I picked up a couple of the HF meters for $4 each off of a sale table. They're also great to have around for other purposes. I've also seen the cheapo meters sold on line by MCM and other places. You can order from Harbor Freight online too.
Get a multimeter from Radio Shack. You can bias your tubes, check your line voltage and use the ohm meter for whatever.