Recommend To Me Some Tuba Music

I just love the warm, mellow sound of the tuba in Air’s great song Casanova 70 off their album Premiers Symptomes.

Can anyone recommend a band that features tuba as their lead instrument or maybe even a song that does? I already have the more rock oriented horn bands like Bonerama and the Dirty Dozen, but I’m looking for something more mellow.

Tubby the Tuba - Danny Kaye more seriously try The Dirty DOzen Brass Band - plenty of sousaphone (equivalent of a tuba inn a marching band)
The CD is called Gravity!!! by Howard Johnson& Gravity.

It is out of print but occasionally makes an appearance on Amazon. If you see it, grab it! The best tuba album I have ever heard.

This has got to be solo tuba and ensemble tuba music at its best.

The music is jazz and the album show cases jazz standards.
For some of the funkiest tuba playing, check out Sergio Carolino's album TBG (Tuba, Guittara, Bateria). Tuba, guitar, and drums, one work...fabulous. Also look into Youngblood Brass Band's Center, Level, Roar. New Orleans style brass band with great bass lines. Being a tuba player, I can recommend dozens of recordings if you wish.
cathie chamberlain's rag&roll revue
As Jtuba says, New Orleans style brass bands feature lots of tuba lines, though they are often played on sousaphones. Mariachi music sometimes uses tuba in the bass line, if you are a fan of that. If you want some classical tuba recommendations, the most famous tuba concerto is the Vaughn Williams. Look for a recording with John Fletcher. Fletcher also played with one of the most famous brass ensembles, the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. They have lots of great recordings, with some crossover into light jazz. You might like some of their stuff, even if you are not generally a fan of classical music.
Tuba. Seriously, tuba? This is all just so wrong.

OK, maybe if someone has the tuba rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee...

Canadian Brass and New Orleans jazz is where I've usually heard good tuba.
The previously cited Howard Johnson did some great work with Taj Mahal on "Happy Just to be like I am". On "The Real Thing" live at The Fillmore the prominently featured horn section features Tuba & Sousaphone.Finally on "Recycling The Blues & Other Related Stuff" Taj,Howard and The Pointer Sisters groove "Cakewalk into Town" the Tuba just moves it right along.This gets me to one of my alltime favorite LPs Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy "Avant Pop" on ECM.I rarely ever listen to anything on ECM as I believe they are all digital recordings,yet I can't help spinning this puppy repeatedly.This is a true Brass Band no Bass no Drums.There are a number of LPs by this group on ECM,but start here."Blueberry Hill" is sensational.I saw Bowie open for Sun Ra and he did this tune,it brings Louis Armstrong into the modern age.If you can't find this e-mail me off board I'll make a CDR.
My response is closely related--although of no help. Cable radio used to have a part time "Dixieland" station. (i.e. 6am to 10am) They had some pretty hot New Orleans stuff. I love the Tuba lines in many of the selections. Back in the day I would go to the music store and read the liner notes or observe the picture of the band--to look for "tuba-inside" info.--love tuba2
Tuba fans REJOICE!

If you're as horny for tuba as I am I think you'll like a band I just discovered. Heavy Tuba and Jon Sass. Zarathustra´s Reincarnation off the Sagenhaft album is way too much fun!

Can be downloaded from Amazon.
You should check out this prof at Indiana U School of Music
Drums and Tuba