Recommend: Thin spade connectors

Looking for thin spade connectors for my speaker cables - Best is those foil type used by Silversmith... If you know of any similar or thin spades, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
I believe Cardas makes a special spade for use with Vandersteen speakers.
My Bad,it is Silent Source-Many apologies.
Audioquest spade connectors are quite thin, although not as thin as the foil connectors on the Silversmiths. Very inexpensive, available through www.partsconnexion and other places.
I know that the spades used on the Speltz anticables is thin, but I don't know if they will sell you the spades apart from the cable, but you can try contacting them.

Order and Delivery:
Judy Speltz
2325 Wallingford Lane
Woodbury MN 55125
9 AM - 9 PM, Mon-Sat: 651-735-0534
might want to check the vampire wire and/or homegrown audio sites
Thanks all for the information... if only I can get hold of the Silversmith foil...