Recommend stands for Volent VL-2s?

They are kinda long so the baseplate needs to be pretty long. They're about 36lbs each. The cheaper the better, but not at the cost of quality (if that makes any sense)
For future reference, I went with these

Only ones with a large enough plate and enough weight capacity.
I will suggest Sound Anchors Four post monitor stand. According to the manufacturer they must be 55 cm tall in order to have the tweeter at 95 cm height.
I had the VL-2's. I used them with Sound Anchor three post stands with very nice results. Sound Anchor stands are exceptional IMO. The blue dots you get with the stands really, sorry to say this but, "anchor" the stands well. Example: When I grabbed the monitor by the sides of the cabinet and lifted it up off the ground, THE STANDS CAME UP WITH IT. The stands weigh 50 lbs a piece.
I'm using Skylan stands with good results but haven't compared to other stands. I've been told that there would be a stand designed specifically for VL-2, I think their distributor knows more about that.
According to Volent the stands should be 20" high.

I had custom made stands built for my VL-2 out of solid Bubinga. See my system folder for pictures.

I sold the VL-2. No longer need the stands and would like to find a home for them.