recommend stands for AR 302's

Hi, I have a set of these that are sitting on old stands that are a bit too small for these full sized speakers. Can anyone recommend something inexpensive that would be a good fit for the 302's? Also, are these speakers actually designed to be put on stands or were they designed to be floor standing?


Owned these speakers for 8 years. Good with solid state and tubes.

They were designed to be and sound their best on stands.

Because of their size, it is advisable to build your own/ have stands built. You could contact Skylan Stands and have stands built for the speakers.

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thanks - i checked the site, seems that the stock stands that would be a good fit for the 302's cost about 400 which is more than I paid for the speakers!

i've owned these speakers for about eight years also, using them with hafler 220/110 setup - i'm contemplating going the cinder block route.

thanks again for your suggestion...