Recommend SS Amp for Monitor Audio GS60?

I feel a bit overwhelmed in my search for an amp. I want solid state for various reasons (I also need to get a pre, & would prefer SS for that as well). My setup is a bit strange, and multi-purpose--2-channel only (w/ a powered sub a possibility as well for certain applications). I live in a small condo, so don't have space for a dedicated listening room. I don't watch movies very often. As far as TV, mostly sports. BUT, I can't stand to even listen to beer commercials through TV speakers, so I want all audio to go through my 2-channel setup. My transport/source are, of all things, an Apple TV (don't laugh) & a Stage 3 Cullen Circuits modded Digital Link III. The room is ~18' x 11' x 8'.

I thought I had an idea of what to listen too, but I am now totally lost again for some reason. Combined budget for both amp & pre would be $5,000-$6,000, preferably new. Can you at least give me suggestions on what would match well w/ the GS60's, in your opinion? I'm hoping that will help to focus me a little bit. Thanks.
I listened to the GS60's extensively a few months ago. Nice speaker - very neutral, well balanced. The dealers that had the GS60's all were driving them with anthem amps. Sounded fine - I wasn't impressed - but in a sense that is what a neutral speaker should leave one with - no coloration, just the sound. Given what I heard, the GS60 would probably work well with most amps - good quality units of course. You may want to just make your way around to listen to a lot of different amps. My impression from what I heard put parasound and anthem in the same category - solid without any coloration. Bryston seemed a little brighter to me, but the 4bsst was a very nice amp - depends a lot on your tastes. Mcintosh 402 sounded great - but has a definite sound to it - kind of the opposite of Bryston. Both Bryston and Mcintosh make nice integrated's and, depending on what how much power you need, the Bryston integrated was a nice sounding product - of course I listed to that driving a Dali Mk II model 400 - a little warmer speaker than the GS60. Really only one way to find out - see what you like - takes some leg work to find the different manuf products driving comparable speakers or if you are lucky driving the GS60's - and really depends on your tastes. I personally wasn't overly impressed with Krell or Levinson, I think the Bryston pretty much took these into account, but your tastes may be different. The amps I have mentioned, from the research I conducted, were all well thought of products. There is a considerable price range among these - but of course a lot depends on if you are going used or new. Since you are going with the speakers for music and movies, television, etc, it may not be a bad idea to stay as neutral as possible - the most neutral products that I heard were the parasound Halo and the top end Anthem.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.. I know, I need to listen for myself. I'm just hoping to hear what I should clearly avoid so as to not waste my time. I was strongly considering the Musical Fidelity A5.5 integrated, but I'd rather do a separate amp/pre I think. Guess I'll just visit a couple local dealers over the weekend & see if any will allow me in-home auditions.