Recommend Spk cables for Apogee centaur ?

I just purchased a mint pair of Apogee Centaurs and I'm wondering how cables affect this hybrid speaker. Since they've been around a while I'm hoping others will share their experiences.

I started with Quicksilver silver speaker cables and the 4 ohm tap on an original RM-9 re-tubed with KT-88s.

They have that amazing Apogee stage and I love em, but what else should I try ? Or should l just leave well enough alone ?

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Kirk
SYMO, if you can find it used. This was the cable that Jason Bloom recommended, (and sold) for his speakers.
Nick, I use Grove Huffman cables with my Slant 6s, (I call them "Silver Ribbons")that are bi-wired IMHO they are the greatest. They are quite, and deliver non-characther nuetrality. I use them with a Classe CAP 151 and ARC CD 3 and was impressed with them from word go. Great staging and you can contact me for a cheap tweek that really works as well
Thank you for the suggestions. I found an 8' pair of the new style Kimber 8TC here for $260. I'll be interested to hear them in comparison to the silver.
Symo and if you dont have the budget, Audioquest Clear is a nice match too