Recommend Spk cables for Apogee centaur ?

I just purchased a mint pair of Apogee Centaurs and I'm wondering how cables affect this hybrid speaker. Since they've been around a while I'm hoping others will share their experiences.

I started with Quicksilver silver speaker cables and the 4 ohm tap on an original RM-9 re-tubed with KT-88s.

They have that amazing Apogee stage and I love em, but what else should I try ? Or should l just leave well enough alone ?

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Kirk
You may want to try some Straightwire Maestro (original) I have never heard the Maestro II. It may be a little warmer sounding than the Quicksilver cables. Also, if your Apogee Centaurs don't have the port on the rear and the suspension kit don't over drive the ribbons. See if someone has the information on the ribbon suspension kit and the port kit. It did make the Apogees more efficient and gave it a little more bass. If when you are playing your Centaurs and you hear a flapping sound or fluttering sound you are taxing the ribbon. You shouldn't have any problems with the woofer regardless.
It's a wonderful speaker and play with positioning them. The sound will make you proud. I want the Centaur Majors but I haven't found a pair close enough to prevent shipping to me. Good luck.
SYMO, if you can find it used. This was the cable that Jason Bloom recommended, (and sold) for his speakers.
Nick, I use Grove Huffman cables with my Slant 6s, (I call them "Silver Ribbons")that are bi-wired IMHO they are the greatest. They are quite, and deliver non-characther nuetrality. I use them with a Classe CAP 151 and ARC CD 3 and was impressed with them from word go. Great staging and you can contact me for a cheap tweek that really works as well
Thank you for the suggestions. I found an 8' pair of the new style Kimber 8TC here for $260. I'll be interested to hear them in comparison to the silver.
Symo and if you dont have the budget, Audioquest Clear is a nice match too