Recommend speakers for Music Hall a15.2

Just bought a Music Hall a15.2 integrated amp. I'm using Polk LS50s from the early 90s and am thinking about upgrading. It is a small space and I'm hoping to keep things inexpensive (you probably figured that out from the $500 amp!). Suggestions for speakers under $1000 much appreciated. And yes, I know everyone's taste is different but would still like to hear what people say.
I have been really pleased with a set of Ascend Acoustics Sierra speakers that I purchased a few years ago.

Solid sounding with the music types I listen to ... 60s/ 70s rock, opera, Americana, vocals. The speakers have a real sense of presence and depth to them. They also perform very well on their sides, which is a huge deal with my physical system set-up. These speakers come in at about $850.

Another speaker line to look at would be Omega loudspeakers. These are single driver speakers. True in your room presence. Excellent with vocals. Louis Chochos has just revamped his line to include a $500 pair bookshelf model. I had these speakers for a number of years previously, regretted selling them, and have just ordered another pair.

Thanks for the response Rich. I'll put those on my short list.