Recommend speakers for a strange move

*I* think it's strange, anyway... Maggie 3.6 currently in system, and the WAF factor has started to kick in (after 3 YEARS!)
Also considering downgrading gear from separates to receiver or integrated.
Currently auditioning Infinity Intermezzo 2.6; very nice, but being bookshelves they may be overshadowed by my room... 17 x 21 with 18' cathedral ceiling and open on the entire back wall.

I am considering a high-value, low price floorstander. Some that come to mind are Audes Blues, Vandersteeen 2CE, Gershman Chameleon, Sonus Faber Grand Piano, etc. I would like to spend under $2K and used is fine, even preferable.

Please chime in with your opinions/experiences. Also pls keep in mind the WAF factor, which is an element in the desire to change to simpler electronics. I may end up doing nothing, but you all know how this hobby is; one just needs a change from time to time.

PS I have been happy with the Maggies but have recently become interested in HT and find that integrating the Maggies into HT is not quite the right way to go. The movie realism, IMHO, is better rendered by box speakers.
I do not have the space for another system so it will have to be integrated.
For $2K, I normally would suggest looking into used Vandy 3A Signature but its WAF is not much better than Maggie 3.6. My next suggestion would be a pair of used Coincident Partial Eclipse. Its 92db sensitive will enable you to downgrade from separates to a low-power tube integrate very nicely.

I don't have experiences with the other speakers on you list.
Take a look at the JTM's They are amazing speakers. You can also see them in my system page here on Audiogon.
I'd look at the new Meadowlark speakers. They should have a high WAF. They also have matching center and surrounds. or search Audiogon.
Pick up a pair of used Sonus Faber Grand Pianos. They are fantastic sounding speakers with tremendous WAF. They are on the small side and very elegant looking. Highly recommended. My girlfriend was ready to kill me when I traded them but I had to have somthing more efficient for my new amps.
im bored so i will chime in....look for a pr of Michael Green Chameleon II or III speakers. ive got mine in Piano White, the newest ones are made by hand by i heard by Amish master wood craftsmen and the finishes are very attractive, just what the Wife wants. they are super easy to drive, they are making serious magic with a SET Cary 572Se 20 watt mono, and an Air Tight ATM1 36 watt push pull integrated.
If you can audition the Gershman's, do so. A few months ago I was able to listen to them for a few hours and was really impressed. They come very close to the Gershman's I own but for less than half the price. They're a real bargain.
Six months ago, I sold my Maggie 3.6's and replaced them with a pair of Intermezzo 2.6 (with optional stands). The detail was good, but the sound was too thin for my tastes. I added a pair of REL Strata III subs and quickly became happy with the sound of the speaker system. I have since added a BAT tubed preamp which improved the sound futher by eliminating some of the harshness of my solid state system and opened up the soundstage. I am now auditioning a Mac 240 (40w x 2)tubed amp which also is making a nice improvement. With the 250 watts of the powered Intermezzos, my Pass X 250 is a bit overkill. The lower powered tubed amp is plenty. My room is 14 x 16 with sloped ceiling.
Epos M15, Red Rose has a new $1,200 ribbon / carbon fiber speaker, B&W CDM 7nt. But your room may be too big for these.
New Monitor Audio S series and B&W CM6 okay for H-T.
Totem Sttaf with 12" foot print and great sound.
With respect to HT, I was about to just say don't do it. But I suspect it might help WAF; at least it is a new and ready excuse as an application for the gear.