Recommend speakers for a large living room

Hi, I am moving to a new apartment with a large living room (38" x 23", plus a dining area & kitchen). I am planning to have 2 different sitting areas given the size. Here is a picture of the floor-plan:

Everything is wood floors except on the blue squares where I plan to put carpet. I’ve been thinking of using omni-directional speakers (German Physiks Borderland) given the area is large and there are multiple listening locations. But I’d like to get some recommendations & also some ideas of where it would be best to place the speakers - so far my idea is to put them on the red circles.

My budget for speakers is ~$50,000.

IMO: The space needs to solve two things, and must be designed together.

First, Home Theater, Surround Sound, Light Control. It's solution, viewing location and furniture layout will effect:

Second, 2 Channel Stereo Music System. Sometimes the home theater run in stereo mode will be the music system, you have room for both.

You have a huge wall with no windows, that will help with light control for viewing. I would go to a Home Theater Designer with both plans and photos with ceiling and lighting information. My opinion is a 5.1 surround system is enough, anything further ought to be considered only when designing and building a specific theater rather than this which will be in a multi-functional space.

A proper center channel is very important, and full range front with perhaps a pair of subs, depends as it develops.

My setup, in a smaller space, 13 x 24, is a music system from the far end, and my small home theater is across the width of the room at the opposite end. My primary listening chairs (2) simply spin around 180 degrees, so they are side chairs in the home theater, and primary chairs for music. All my chairs are somewhat acoustically transparent, wicker backed rocking chair, wood frame slat backs, open arms, so sound from either active system is not blocked/absorbed.

Do yourself a favor, get very efficient speakers, that will keep the needed size of amplification down, reducing cost, size, heat.

Once you have the layout(s) solved, the furniture placement/movement solved, then the types of speakers, width of dispersion, can be resolved.  

The OP really has yet todescribe what he is trying to achieve.  You'll have two seating areas, but is the goal to have equal quality sound in each sitting area simultaneously?  Are you trying to achieve high volume levels or do you want to be able to have a conversation with someone while the music plays?  Are soundstage and image important?   Most importantly, is your intention to have a "normal" person's apartment, or will this basically be a large dedicated audiophile listening room?  I ask because some of the loudspeakers recommended by others are quite large (refrigerator size) and require placement away from walls.  Add to that cables and powerful amps and your living room won't look like a living room.
I have 38 X22 room with multiple seating areas and Von Schweikert VR55 Aktives work beautifully as they are adjustable in the self amplified base going down to 21 HZ at -2db, about .5% distortion across audio spectrum and rear facing ambience tweeter response to the room. They fill room well and sound great from more than just a narrow sweet spot
Klipsch K-Horns or Cornwall IVs. Or, with your budget, Something from Volti Audio.