Recommend speaker cable for New Advent Loudspeakrer

I just inherited a mint pair of The New Large Advent speaker, which substituted a mylar dome tweeter over the original one. I will use them until, I get the bucks to buy a new pair of high-end speakers.. Advents have those funky screw and washer connectors in the back, so speaker wire can't be thick and only spade lugs will fit. Stereophile likes Audioquest F14 as very good inexpensive wire. I will be driving Advents with an Aragon 4004 amp and a CJ preamp; I want to optimize performance of these vintage speakers, but also don't to want fry anything in my main system. All suggestions appreciated
i have the same speaker in the garage...surprisingly a banana plug neatly plugs in
we are a showcase dealer on audiogon ... check out the Phoenix Gold /Carver Pro speaker cable --- we custom make any lenght you need with any termination you would need ...

the Phoenicx Gold Sapphire 12 gauge would do quite well with the Advents ..