Recommend some SACD's?

My Oppo plays SACD's and I'd like to own a few that sound outstanding, really demonstrate the potential of the format. Like classical, jazz, world, usually any kind of natural music. Not a fan of electronic. System is two channel. The Oppo can downmix a multichannel to two channel (I think).
Miles/Blue, it will take your breath away.
If you like Diana Krall and/or Jane Monheit, all there stuff works well in SACD.

Remember that the Oppo will also play DVD-As (I had a 981HD before I upgraded to a Pioneer DV-58AV). I've used Acoustic Sounds for most of my purchases. You might browse there.

There a Chesky sampler with Rebecca Pidgeon, Livingston Taylor, Kenny Rankin and others that's very good. Many of the other samplers suck. Oh, the old Chicago Symphony stuff reissued on SACD is very good.

When I get home I'll try to remember to relook at my SACD/DVD-A collection to see what else jumps out at me.

The customer reviews on Acoustic Sounds are very helpful to me. Not all SACD mixes are great, so that'll help you avoid a clinker. Generally, I've been very pleased with my SACD and DVD-A purchases, finding them as pleasing as my best vinyl finds. (If I didn't already have over 1000 LPs I'd go totally digital).

I only own 2 at this point, Peter Gabriel's "Up" and Diana Krall's "The Girl in the Other Room". "Up" is pretty amazing, sonically.
Here's my quote from an earlier "Jazz Recommendations" thread:

I recently picked up a jazz compilation on entitled "Jazz After Midnight" - recorded by Rudy Van Gelder. Those familiar with the 60's Blue Note era recognize Van Gelder as one of the chief architects responsible for shaping the Blue Note sound. However, making the transition from vinyl to CD was never quite as satisfying ... until now. I was never very fond of the RVG recording style of drums/piano/bass, center stage ... with lead instruments - trumpet and/or sax separately tracked on either left or right channel.

This newer "Jazz After Midnight" is a Hybrid Stereo SACD which sounds as good as any I've ever heard. For sound quality and that sense of "there-ness" this production really delivers. The music itself is engaging enough, but may not be everyone's cup of tea ... mostly standards by a few better known folks. This is taken directly from the write-up: "Ten great tracks by the likes of Larry Coryell, Cedar Walton, Joey DeFranceso and David 'Fathead' Newman." At $9.98 a throw, it's a "why not" purchase. Turns out, this has definite potential as a jazz reference piece.

Also an SACD entitled "Solo" by Michel Camilo is right at the top, along with Herbie Hancock's "Gershwin's World" and Dave Brubeck's "Private Brubeck" ... another excellent solo piano piece - if you like that sort of thing. For a really good selection to choose from - including a few jazz and classical SACD 'samplers' - go to the acoustic sounds website. Their stuff tends to be a bit expensive, but I have found a few of the same recordings 'used' on Amazon. Good luck and happy listening.
Jorma Kaukonen - "Blue Country Heart"

For better sound, look for SACD's that were recorded with DSD.
04-10-08: Ncarv said:
"For better sound, look for SACD's that were recorded with DSD."

I'd add, or analog tape.

Donald Fagen - Morph the Cat.
As for Jazz I would recommend Jacintha, Patricia Barber, Diana Krall and for classical I would suggest the following labels channel classic, fidelis also Mercury living pressence are good and the RCA living stereo sets are excellent as well.
Some of my faves are:

Steely Dan-Gaucho
Herbie Hancock-Headhunters
Dave Brubeck-Take 5
Pink Flyd-DSOTM(but you simply MUST hear it in surround)

This one is great.
Eric Clapton - Slowhand
Elton John - Madman Across the Water, Peachtree Road, Tumbleweed Connection, Honky Cheateau, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Captain Fantastic
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

Most SACDs are a real pleasure to listen to.
Herbie Hancock Headhunter and Aerosmith (incredible remastering of Toys).
If you are a fan of large ensemble, nicely arranged jazz, such as Miles Davis' "Sketches of Spain", "Birth of the Cool" or anything by Wynton's Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra ... pick up the Jon Faddis SACD entitled "Rememberences". It's a very well recorded compilation of jazz standards on the Chesky label. Highly recommended!
check out Heifetz's recording on RCA in SACD.
Yo Miles!!! Both releases are double CD's, phenominal performance and the best fidelity and image combo I've heard on SACD. They can be had for a lowly $21 at the Cuneiform label website:

put yo miles in the search box.