Recommend service to convert music CDs to high quality digital files

I have about 50 to 100 music CD's that I would like converted to the high quality digital files for playback.  What service do you recommend to do this and why?

Appreciate any guidance you can offer. 
Not sure what that would cost, but there’s a near-new Innuos Mini Mk.3 streamer/server/DAC with linear power supply (that significantly improves sound and is a $700 option) available on US Audio Mart for $1550.  It has a disc drive and at least 1TB of internal storage so you can quickly and easily just rip all your CD’s to memory yourself, and now you can easily stream all your music wirelessly from phone, tablet etc.  Just another option, and best of luck.
For just ripping 50-100 cd’s why not just do it yourself? Playback is a whole other ballgame. To get better feedback it would help if you gave a budget, and how you’d like to play back the files. There’s way too many variables.
Thanks for the guidance. I would only have the CD's ripped if the resulting files were a noticeable improvement in the audio quality.  The cost of the component to do this myself vs using a service would determine how I proceed. I would consider spending up to $500 for either not including the playback component. 
If you own a computer with a cd drive then you already have everything that’s needed to rip.
I use EAC. It's free software that will rip to most any digital format you want. Google it for more info.
If you have a PC equipped with a CD drive with which to burn CDs, I suggest giving dBpoweramp a try.  They have a 3 week free trial period.  If you like it it's only $39.  If you have a windows PC which doesn't have a CD writer, an external CD writer can be had for $30 or so.  I've been using dBpoweramp for years.  Rip all my CDs as uncompressed Flacs.
I ripped about 2000 discs with dbpoweramp. It is excellent, as suggested by @jazzman7 . Doing 50-100 discs shouldn't take very long. Unless they are classical and you want to touch up the metadata, you can easily do 20 in a couple of hours or less.
I would only have the CD's ripped if the resulting files were a noticeable improvement in the audio quality.
You won't improve on the original CD being played on a good transport, into a good R2R dac.

Cheers George