Recommend remasterd SACD albums? classical, jazz


Remastered old music tape to SACD, some are good, some not as good. My own experience is that the albums recorded in recent years are usually better sounding in SACD format.

But I am skeptical on those from old days. I love some old recording of classical and jazz. I probably have those copies in redbood CD or LP already. And willing to get SACD if they do sounds better. On the other hand, I do worry if the sound is as good as expected because the mother tape is very old today.

Please recommend some those SACD's if you hear tehm good and think it deserve to keep a SACD sersion besides redbook.

Thanks first!
Mingus Ah Um and Brubeck Take Five are both totally great sounding on SACD.
Santana Abraxas is definitely better, and so is Weather Report "Heavy Weather".
Nice suggestions.
Suggest you try using the search function and maybe restrict it to the Music forum. A quick search returned 425 results such as this one.
Anything Bill Evans.
Miles Davis on Mobile Fidelity (MoFi).
Camel albums, direct from Japan at I'm glad I lived long enough to this moment! I also posted at that old/dead thread mentioned by HEW
Herbie Hancock.
Thelonious Monk
Analogue Productions Nat King Cole are very good.