recommend rca ic cable dartzeel pre to cd player

I just got the dartzeel preamp to go with the dartzeel amplifier. I am using the bnc cable between the preamp and the amplifier. I am looking for recommendations for ic cable between dartzeel preamp and marantz 7as1 cd player. I am currently breaking-in a pair of audioquest colorado rca but am curious what other dart users recommend. I am budget strapped at this point so please no transparent opus mm suggestion! I was especially curious about silver rca ic's since the marantz is known to be a bit laid back and analog sounding and silver is detail oriented. My marantz only has about 150 hours so its also still not broken in yet.


I am not a dart user but a big fan of AQ cables especially their silver (smooth, coherent but still extended and detailed). I did notice Music direct had close outs on Cheetah. Good luck