Recommend pre for Vandersteen/Moscode

I am looking for recommendations for a used pre-amp. Other equipment includes CL-10, Denon 47F, Moscode 300, driving Vandersteen 2cis. Use CD almost exclusively but would like something that could accept phono for occassional use. Would like recommendations in $500-$750.00 range.
Hi I am not familiar with any of your gear other than the vandersteens. I have a pair of 1b's and am using aragon gear. The 24k pre and 4004 amp. No complaints and aragon will last forever. Good listening.
look at the b&k pro 10, an older arc piece, aragon, or sf or some tube piece
I have found that all Sonic Frontiers pre amps work very well with Vandersteen 2Ce, 3A, and 3A Sigs. In your price range, the SFL-1 is excellent, and with just one tube you can cheaply tune it to your taste-- a tube pre-amp helps take the bite and edginess out of CDs. Can't help you with phono part though.
I have for sale a Moscode Minuet in A with Phono in excellent condition for $450. Let me know if your interested. [email protected]