Recommend powered center / surround combo that won't break the bank?

I've moved into a smaller living room area. I want HT but I don't want a receiver setup.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a speaker line that would have small bookshelf like speakers for surround use, and a dedicated center, ideally both types powered?

Budget?  You want a powered 5.1 system?
No, I know this is weird. :)

I have a 5.1 system. The best part is the L, R and Subwoofer. They are amazing, but since I moved I only have amps for the L and R.

My choices are to :

Forget high end and get a Yamaha receiver
Get a 3 channel amplifier
Get a 5 channel amplifier
Use powered speakers for the HT components.

I would buy a 5 channel receiver, for under $500, I’ve heard good things about the Denon AVR-S740H and Yamaha RX-V585.
Thanks mbroadus - Those were my two target brands. :)

Never owned a Sony and the Onkyo I had was not good.

I think the HEOS is the right idea, and has among the worst reviews I've seen on Amazon