Recommend Power Cord for my Pass Labs X600 and X1

I am looking for the upgrade of my Pass X600 and X1 Preamp. Any input is very welcome. I aslo have Von Schweiker VR4 SR speaker so please tell me which is a good speaker cables for them. Thanks a lot and best wishes

I've owned Pass X350 and X600 amps, as well as X1 and X0.2 Pre-s in years past. Excellent SS Gear!

I never found a PC that outperformed the older Electraglide Fatman cables on these amps. The cables are unwieldy (very stiff and fold rather than bend) and the build quality is suspect, however, their prices have dropped so much that it may be worth your while.

The Preamps thrived on Synergistic Research Reference PCs. These are the older style without the ground stations and are not the "X squared".

Obviously these are not the latest or state of the art PCs, but you'd be hard pressed to out perform them at any price. Once I settled into these selections, I never looked back and was able to concentrate on my other components.

Good Luck.
My two recommendatios are Elrod EPS-3 Signature and DCCA cables. You can probably get DCCA to send you one of their cables to audition.

Happy Listening.
I would highly recommend Ridge Street Audio power cables. They are simply the best power cable going. Bob has a trial period that he offers so how can you go wrong?