Recommend Outstanding Russian Choral Music

This music, usually performed by the Russian Military Chorus, knocks my socks off!

Purchased the soundtrack from "The Peacemaker" movie but found no full-length works.

Also some good tidbits in "The Hunt for Red October".

Can any comrade out there direct me to the good stuff?

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'Horror of war: Ostfront.'. The Soundtracks to all 10 episodes are good.   Episode 5 is excellent.

The Pictures say all there is to say about war.

I think it's Russian. :)

Some of the good stuff:

Prokofiev, "Alexander Nevsky"
Alfred Schnittke, "Three Sacred Hymns", "Choir Concerto"
Stravinsky, "Mass"
Tchaikovsky, "The Nightingale"
Prokofiev, "Alexander Nevsky" Suite or better yet, the Eisenstein Film
Pure Russian Euphoria: Feodor Potorjinsky's Russian Choir Vespers and Matins, Westminster Gold Series, WGM-8150. You will never be the same. Complete time travel experience. The most ancient melodies of the different Russian Monasteries. 
 Thanks to all! Can't wait 'till my stimulus check arrives!
Any Sviridov choral music will put you in tears...It was the best music for the late Andropov KGB chief and prime of Russia....😁😁😁😊

And Bortniansky the first non italian music master of the tsar, will reveal so much genius that you will be amazed to not know his name on par with any other of the great musical geniuses in Europe...His 6 cd of sacred concerts is absolute masterpiece...The tsar never killed him....He named him his musical master after his coming back from studies in Italia 😁

Russia is way underestimated in music....His modern piano school is my best ...But it is another story why it is...

if i was to be reincarnated, and if God will grant me a wish and ask to me which one i want... i will answer on the spot give me an "octavist" voice.... try to look for an ocatavist voice with the choir of some cd and prepared yourself to be surprized...

Any woman will melt in liquid honey listening this powerful voice which in Hollywood would be used only in cinema to mimic God voice....But this particular tonal timbre producing voice is the heart of Russian art of choral singing...Only one octavist balanced in weight an entire big choir with bass voices in it....Llike the bass note of an organ fill the church making the walls vibrating veils hiding paradise...

In the beginning it was the logos, and the logos was an octavist voice.....Even the whale listen to octavist brotherhood voice ...

There exist more octavists, by genetic fatality, in Russia per cubic foot than in any other country.... Their choral music history is also linked to this not so well known fact....


Dear God keep the money for another next reincarnated man give me the right octavist voice i will do the rest....And i will not lack of women for sure .......Thanks God!

" Any Sviridov choral music will put you in tears" Did the KGB use this during torture sessions?
BTW, most of the older posts have been deactivated (links don't work).
Also, the "Feodor Potorjinsky's Russian Choir Vespers and Matins" does not appear to be on CD only vinyl. 
I'll look into @mahgister suggestion ASAP.
Have you heard : Szymanowski & Poulenc: Stabat Maters by Shaw/ASO/Chorus (2006-07-09)?
Plenty of good choral and I think one guy has your "Octavist" voice.
This is the best of modern times by perhaps the Greatest Russian composer of modern times .

All the Vesper
All of these recommendations are surely great.
I was hoping for something from a military choir 100-200 men?
Hits you like a tsunami...
Anything recorded?
Check out "The Peacemaker" movie for an example.
Thanks to all
This is the Red Army Choir , The best military choir there ever was or ever will be .

It came from the Red Army, the most powerful army the world has ever
seen which did the heavy lifting that defeated the mighty German
Army in WW II.
Believe it or not, the Brave American , British and Canadian soldiers
who fought and died on D-Day did so on a day not in the top 20
battles between Russia and Germany .

This choir is so strong because it sings for a least 6 million Russian Soldiers who died .
To Russia WW II will never end .

This is a earlier LP  with Just sound and the full power when it was still 
real Army .
The Rachmaninov Vespers is a fantastic work, particularly when sung by a Russian choir (typically, they have fantastic basses).  I also like Rachmaninov's Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.  Another great Russian composer of acapella choir music is Grechaninov.  He too has a work titled Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and another called Liturgy of Holy Week (Passion Week), that are great works.