Recommend Outstanding Russian Choral Music

This music, usually performed by the Russian Military Chorus, knocks my socks off!

Purchased the soundtrack from "The Peacemaker" movie but found no full-length works.

Also some good tidbits in "The Hunt for Red October".

Can any comrade out there direct me to the good stuff?

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'Horror of war: Ostfront.'. The Soundtracks to all 10 episodes are good.   Episode 5 is excellent.

The Pictures say all there is to say about war.

I think it's Russian. :)

Some of the good stuff:

Prokofiev, "Alexander Nevsky"
Alfred Schnittke, "Three Sacred Hymns", "Choir Concerto"
Stravinsky, "Mass"
Tchaikovsky, "The Nightingale"
Prokofiev, "Alexander Nevsky" Suite or better yet, the Eisenstein Film