Recommend Me Some Speakers

I've recently purchased my first amp/preamp rig, A Rotel RC-1070 and an RB-1050. I have a small bedroom, approximately 15'x10'. I'm in the budget range of $400-600USD. My music tastes are jazz, classical piano, violin, classic rock- well, I pretty much like all music. Thanks in advance.
Can you get by with stand mount/bookshelf monitors, or do you want floor standing speakers? Better imaging and accuracy versus more (but not necessarily better) bass for the money.


Wharfdale - Diamond 9.1 or 9.2 smooth but accurate
B&W - 685 voiced to match Rotel gear
Epos - ELS-3 or M5 midrange
Focal - JM Lab 705V great highs
PSB - Image B25 well balanced

Floor standing:

Polk Audio - RTi A7 haven't heard these
Monitor Audio - BR5 pretty good

That should give you something to look at.
I'm not sure the 685 is necessarily voiced to Rotel gear, they just happen to be owned by the same company.
Klipsch Forte 2 speakers..Great all around budget speaker
Focal JM Labs Chorus 707S
Focal JM Labs Cobalt 806s discomtinued, but available for $600. pr. Very good 1K speakers.
Check these out
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Take a look at Ascend Acoustics. Just search on the Web. They're dedicated to higher end sound on a budget. I owned a pair prior to moving up to better gear; and still use one for center channel in HT set-up. Definitely worth a listen ... they offer no-hassle in-home audition.
I'd go with QUAD 12L used. Wery nice for its price.
Magnepan MMG's. These will give you a taste of high end sound, and a healthy taste at that. They will add a degree of life and vitality often missing in box speakers - for a peanuts price.
Vandersteen 1C works very well with those Rotels, a good match and excellent value for fairly full-range speakers.
Avoid the Magnepans at all costs. They require too much placement variation and are picky about what drives them. They also have a small "sweet area" and can sound like a transistor radio if you are walking around the the room. Maggies are for people with dedicated listening rooms and the ability to try different amps. Sounds like you just want to hear good music.

Epos and PSB make good models you can find used in your price range. The Dynaudio Focus 110 is also a great speaker at about $800.00 used. Quite good looking, too.
I second the NHT's. If you go used on the classifieds here, you will be able to get a very nice pair of NHT speakers that will sound very good with Rotel equipment.
Kelim, NHT, Vandersteen, Epos, PSB, B&W -- any questions?