Recommend me a quality power cord extender?

Since I'm changing my system racks I will need an extender to reach the outlets in the wall. I'm sick and tired of all the filters and conditioners alteringa and ruining the sound so I'm basically looking for a totally (sonically) invisible one which doesn't change the sound one bit compared to the "straight to the wall" plug.
I have a real nice 4 plug Box ( Bloom Box ) made By Robert @ Ridge Street Audio..Comes with 6' Poiema P/cord..Wonerfull piece..Actually beat the set up I was using by quite a bit....For more info on exact internal construction check with Robert.....
why do not do it yourself? You can easy buy quality parts and just spent the time to make it...
If I may ask...Prcinka-I have had trouble finding a good box in which to place the outlets, preferably aluminum and not plastic. Any suggestions on where to buy such an outlet box? thanks and sorry for the intrusion.
You might consider an Alan Maher Designs Quantum Reference Power Conditioner.

It will provide the extension you require, plus it will transparently filter your system's power (at least it does in my system).

Another option is a VH Audio Hot Box.
I prefer wood. You just jig-saw the holes for the plugs and make some sides.Bottom can be open or use piece of aluminum or may also experiment with shielding the inside, but that is a different story!
Audioquest Power strip is the answer for you. I am using it. Everything is perfect about it exept the fact that you can plug in only two "audiophile grade" connectors, not three. (it fits three "stock" cords, though)