Recommend me a DAC for 300

What is the best DAC I can get around $300? The rest of my system is NAD C160/C270 and a pair of B&W DM604. Although not a requirement by any means, it would be nice if it blended in with the rest of the system in terms of appearance. I was considering the Cambridge Audio dacmagic?

Thanks!! :)
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I've owned two below your budget, the Valab at @$200and the Nuforce uDAC @$100. Both sounded good and I actually preferred the uDAC. Two others in your price range to research and listen to if you can are the Beresford and the Musical Fidelity V-DAC.
mhdt paradisea
Maybe the CAL Sigma II (one 12AX7 tube) or the CAL Alpha (two 12AX7) for a bit more.
Used iRoc... difficult to beat... maybe just a tad more $ than $300 but worth every one.


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Cambridge Dac Magic
Try an EAD 7000Mk3 if you can find one, a little more than $300- used, BUT IMHO very hard to beat under $1500-!
2nd the DacMagic
I suggest considering Monarchy Audio. Might be over your $300 budget but giving Mr. Poon a call is definitely worth the time.

FWIW - I'm using a Monarchy Audio M-22A with the NAD 162/272 combo. I should disclose that the DAC I have has been upgraded to the same chip set which is used in the current NM-24. I bought it from Monarchy this way.