Recommend me a Class A Integrated Amp (or sound like Class A amp)

I have been rocking a Cabasse Riga setup with a Sony TA-A1ES (a heavily biased Class A design outputting first 15 watts as Class A). I absolutely love the clarity and natural sound of it. I’ve decided to keep to Class A to upgrade if possible because the Riga does not need a lot of juice to drive.

Accuphase Class As are eye-watering expensive in my country, but thankfully Esoteric prices their Class A F-03A at much more reasonable $8600 USD. Luxman unfortunately has stopped producing Class As, so they are out of equation and besides strangely they are more expensive than Esoteric in my country. Pass Labs, well, way out of my budget.

So, for around $8600 USD or less what are my other options if I want a similar sound to Class A without going down the tube route?

I’ve heard the new HifiRose RA180 sounds quite class A like. And I think the Yamaha AS series sound quite close as well. Any more options should I consider? The pricing of other brands should be similar to US.


For that kind of price you could get a Sugden Masterclass IA-4.  33W of pure class A.

The only available brand new Luxman Class A left available to buy is a 595ASE and I don't think I want to pay the mark up for that. And I don't like the all buttons look anyway. I guess $8600 USD Esoteric F-03A seems like the best value; I checked the price of this in US and wow you guys are really getting the short end of the stick. 

I totally forgot about Krell and definitely is going to check it out. The highest end for Hautonga available here is Plinius Hautonga at around 3600 USD, but I guess I will give it a try anyway. 

I didn't see your location listed anywhere so this might not be helpful if you are not in the US. Belles makes a Class A integrated but there is no info on Dave's website. For info you need to speak to John Rutan at the Audio Connection in Verona NJ. He has one on display and it sounds great. I don't know the pricing for it. Good Luck!

For around $8,600, AMP-5521 from Japan (modded by me, Wavetouch audio) is in your range. It is 35w/8ohm. (*I can’t publish their brand name in US.)

I exhibited 25watts 7511A from Japan last audio show and I am very satisfied. Please check the sound of 7511A in below video. Alex/ Wavetouch

Change setting to 1080p for the best audio quality.


Original video. Downloaded and playing above.


I live in Florida and have the esoteric f03.  Even with the demo it is thousands more here.   That said, matched with efficient 8 ohm speakers the 30 wpc is more than adequate.  You also get a dead silent phono section that powers my lomc.   Demoed the luxman into kef blades and wasn’t my cup of tea.  If you have the cash, the f03 is a keeper