Recommend interconnect from receiver to amp

First off, thanks to all for the amazing amount of knowledge that is provided in this forum :) I have recently picked up a Sunfire Cinema II amp for my HT connected to a Denon receiver. After researching, I decided to go with Kimber Silver Streak interconnects but I find them to be extreemly bright. I'm looking to replace them with another set of cables. Can anyone make a good recommendation for a set for under 200 (used)?

My setup consists of a PS3/Cable box connected to the receiver by HDMI and then RCA to the amp.
I think that Signal cable makes excellent cables- well made, fast shipping, neutral transparent sound, good return policy. I recommend them highly and have used Transparent, Blue Jeans, Speltz, Homegrown silver handmade.
I changed a few channel level settings on my receiver after a member emailed me and suggested it and that really helped things out.