recommend hifi home setup service in oakland / east bay

hey all, i'm trying to find someone to come out and assist with setting up a new turntable / cartridge / amp, i've been sending out emails to local places and hearing nothing back, so wondering if anyone has recommendations.

i'm located in Oakland, CA so anyone who services that area.

thanks for any current recommendations.
I really admire your judgment. If there is one thing I detest it's installing a cartridge in a tonearm. Another thing I hate is a HiFi dealer that won't help you unless you bought from them. Usually, you walk into a HiFi store and they're just standing around scratching their butts. But no, "we can't help you". Good luck.
Chris, I am not a dealer, but I can certainly lend a hand as a fellow audiophile/music lover.

Send me a PM with your info.
 I think Tomic601 is in your area. PM him. A good guy with lots of experience.
There is a Music Lover's in Berkeley you could reach out to.