recommend good T shaped dipole antenna for FM?

Hi everyone, I have an Audio Refinement tuner with a run of coax through my crawlspace to the west side facing Seattle and ending in a T shaped antenna that came with my Linn Classik (part of my bedroom system). Can I do better at the end of this setup? Should I try a powered one? I get 4 bars out of 4 for my classical (KING) and jazz / NPR (KPLU) but I hear some hiss on KING.

Recommendations? TIA
Do you have a roof a "real" antenna (with a rotor) could be mounted on? There is no substitute!
You can try a Terk FM+ for about 15 bucks. Like the above post says, there is no substitute for good directional outdoor antenna. Don't waste your money on anything else, they are no better than what you have now. If you have a mono switch on your tuner it should do away with the hiss,if it does then enjoy it that way !
The problem with powered indoor antennas is that they amplify the noise along with the signal, so nothing is really (heh) gained.
I have found the Godar passive antenna to work better than a T-wire but nowhere near as good as a rooftop.
I use the Magnum Dynalab ST 2FM with very good results. I also use the Monster Quad Sheild cable which I believe contributes. But if you want a "T" style, I have made my own in the past from 75ohm cable available at Radio Shack. You can make that as big as you feel you need and probably solve your reception issues.
Good luck