Recommend good isolation


Looking for some good isolation pad for my CD and Pre-amp, thought about the Vibrapods but wasn't sure if there was something better around the same cost?

Cheap, Chemical rubber bottle stoppers. Size 10 cost about $1 up to $1.50
I got mine (I have about 4 dozen) at American Science and surplus.
Everything I own sits on them. Even doubled up, with an 8 on top of a ten set, for my SP-15 pre.
When thinking 'isolation' more then the 'pad' needs to be addressed. One of the most overlooked issues with isolation is the amount of acoustic engery that is flying around in a typical listening room. So, think of ways to 'acoustical' shield all your equipment. Few do this and miss an opportunity to bring their listening experience to a new level. The most important component that needs this 'shielding' is the turntabel/arm/cartridge. Often putting it in an adjcent space works best.
Not cheap, but not horrible expensive : Herbie's products. 90-day guarantee, money back. Always worked for me, sometimes *really really* well, brought out the best in my best gear. Email Steve Herbelin and ask for a suggestion if you like, he's been right on the money in my case.
Tobias, I second Herbie's products and great advice.
I use their tube dampers and the lampblack spheres under my tube amps.
I highly recommend you try 3 cheap Myrtle Wood blocks under each component, and listen to the difference between that sound and the Vibrapod sound. That may help you decide which way to go, as there are multiple approaches to consider. I always found the wood footers superior to the rubberized footers.
For a total investment of less than $10 I find this isolation technique works extremely well. Go to Walmart and buy a few 3 ball packages of Penn racquetballs. Go to their drapery department and buy a package of wood drapery rings with a 1 3/8ths inch opening. Remove the metal screw/clip portion from the drapery ring. Place 4 drapery rings on the self under were the four component corners will be positioned. Put a racquetball in the middle of each ring. Place the component directly on top of the racquetballs. You can easily feel the difference this makes by putting one hand on the component shelf and rapping the shelf underneath it with your other hand. You will likely feel considerable vibration. Now put your hand on top of the component and rap the shelf beneath it with your other hand. You will probably not feel any vibration. Heavier components may require the use of additional balls. If anyone tries this and likes the results I would like to hear from you. Good luck!
Sorbagel, what Grand Prix Audio uses to isolate their shelves!!!! Works great under CDP's and pre's. at very reasonable prices on E-Bay. GPA #3 or #4 cones under the CDP works well also.

Can you give a link to ebay for the Sorbagel. I looked but couldn't find.


Kenbi I'm so sorry I gave the wrong spelling, it's sorbogel!!!!

go to this store;


4 sorbogel hemisphere 2" big audio feet audioquest 30D

is what you want for light equipment and 50D for heavier
On e-bay!!!
Thank you, Samhar. I already have some of these. Again, its system dependent if the addition of any footer will synergize with a particular system due to preference and system's current bent.


Most of the mentioned tricks will work, but the main thing you want to do is replace your equipment shelf with a piece of granite. Then add the extra iso pads, or feet to your player.
I have a set of black diamond racing cones from 5 years ago, are those adequate under my amplifier?

To kill time waiting for a response, you may want to try and see what you think...
For me the BDR #3 cones worked best under my old ARC CD3MKll. I put BDR #4 cones between my amp shelves and the floor, they helped but Sims pucks gave more inner detail so I would guess Vibrapods might be worth a try under the amps.