Recommend good int. amp with HT pass thru?

Hi - I'm looking to improve my music listening performance and am thinking of getting a used but good integrated amp with home theater pass thru and just getting a decent receiver for HT duties.

Anyone have any good suggestions? Looking to stay under $1000 or so (but can stretch budget a touch). Currently using Sunfire Ultimate Receiver with Arcam CD72T cd player and EAD DSP-7000 DAC II with Totem Sttaf speakers.

Sim Audio I-3 (used)

You might want to consider the Arcam DiVA A-90. I owned a predecessor (Alpha 10) and I found it to be a very good integrated amp. Also, it has a "processor loop" switch on the remote, so no need to fumble around like with some other integrated amps (Plinius 8200, switch is on the back of the amp).

The Arcam is not the last word in resolution or power, but it is very good and has the best user ergonomics I've ever know in an integrated amp.

You may also want to consider the Plinius 8200 if the back panel mounted HT bypass switch is not an issue. They have dropped in price to a point near your $1000 mark. It is a very good integrated amp, just not as user friendly as the Arcam.

BTW, I previously had a combo system like you are suggesting (dedicated 2-channel rig w/HT receiver added on for HT duties). It worked very well and I liked the fact that the HT stuff had zero impact on my 2-channel system, unless I felt like turning it on. Most of the time, I never even turned the HT receiver on. But when I needed it, simply hit the HT bypass switch, turn on the receiver and away you go to multi-channel HT land.....


Naim Nait 5i will work.