recommend excellent cassette for playback only?

I need an excellent cassette deck for playback only, for archiving old recordings. No desire to record cassettes in this day and age. Much of the cost and complexity of a deck relates to recording, and I'm not asking "what's the best deck", i.e. Tandberg, Revox, Naks. As I recall, it was said that some dual-well cassettes were truly excellent in this regard as they had a dedicated playback head which was optimized for that purpose - consequently, as good or better than the best 3-head decks for playback. Any info and recommendations along these lines would be appreciated. I think some Pioneer were well regarded, and Onkyo and Kyocera may have been manufactured by Nakamichi. btw, this has come about because my Dragon needs repair - and the estimate for a rebuild could be over $2000 and a one-year wait!
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My Dragon took about 6 months and $850 for the rebuild. However, you need to keep in mind that many tapes made on your dragon won't sound as good on some other decks. I have a dual well Teac W-850R if you are interested. It was $825 new but wayyyy less now. I like it much better than my dragon for the simplicity and dubbing features. I have the remote and original box too. Emery
stop looking, pionner elite series i believe model is cd-94, the best of the best.-
I agree with Elevick, tapes made on Nak decks sound far better when played back on them, this was one reason I never had one (my brother did, sounded great there, but like POS elsewhere)

I would buy something cheap and get the Dragon rebuilt, it's a piece of audio history and one of the best looking decks to boot.
When my Nak CR3A needed repair I was also fed a large rebuild quote. When I made it more clear I wanted it in working condition it cost one third as much.
I have always thought that the old NAD 6300 was as good or better than the Dragon. It is essentially a Tandberg deck with an NAD cover. I had 2, in addition to a Dragon, back in the old days. I absolutely loved them.
As mentioned, you should get another Nak, given the tapes have been recorded on a Nak. Lots of options there, as you know.
Thanks all. I should have been more specific: the tapes I wish to archive are mostly live bootlegs made on portable decks, usually not a Nak. I got the Dragon because its auto azimuth adjustment can get azimuth correct regardless of the deck the tape was made on. I understand that the narrow head gap on the Nak decks can cause problems, but not so much, on playback. I will probably get a cheap deck temporarily and have the Dragon repaired (for use, not show). That is why I was inquiring about dubbing decks. Jopi88, I would be delighted to see a nice Pioneer CT-93 or 94 at a reasonable price, but they are rare. Chastmal, I think the same is true for the NAD 6300.
Lloydc: I still have my two old 6300's, but they are out of comission due to a burned out capistan (I think). To tell you the truth it has been so long that I have forgoten what goes wrong on those things. They are just gathering dust.

The same thing happened before and it was fixed for under $200 in 1995. I would sell them, but I am not exactly sure what it would take to fix them. If you want to take a chance maybe we can fix a price, but I am a little hesitant. Risky, with the shipping and so forth. I suggest you find a fully operational one and go with that.
Have a near new Tascam 112Mk 11 I think it is.Yours for 1/2 price,350$.Maybe played 15-25 tapes.....good luck,Bob
I'll take $125 for my Teac 850?