recommend excellent balance XLR cable for me plz?

my current source is the Audio Prima DAC MKII SE
and my headphone amplifier is TTVJ 307A
I want to buy an excellent XLR cable to connect the two together.
I can pay up to 1000$ for the cable(I think I will find a used one so I can get a better cable with the price).

My taste of music is "soundstage, detail, airy, image, emotional"

Can anyone tell me which used cable is the best in my price range?

which brand cable should i consider too?
Try the Chimera Labs Advantage Audio cable. It will cost you about 1/3 of your budget for a new cable.
but i think i find a used one so i can get better quality cable and don't need to spend time for buring-in cable
Kimber KS-1130!
don't laugh...anti-cables. View another thread regarding these.
NO, I can state very clearly that my current setup is very sensitive to the cable.
Therefore, I need advise from you guy "my experts"
Lobster king- One of the nice things about purchasing pre-owned Kimber products is that they are easily sold for what you've got in them, in the unlikely event that you don't like them. Based on what you claimed as your prerequisites, I believe you will be more than pleased with the 1130. I'm extremely finicky(probably anal) about transparency, all the same things you sited, and wouldn't think of trading out my 1130's. Matter of fact, here's a pair for sale close to your price range; ( I'll bet they'd take a grand.
I've had 1130's they're very nice but I prefer AQ Sky's detail with warmth "in my system". They come up on Agon at your price but you have to pounce or they're gone
I think the AQ Sky on audiogon is sold. For the Kimber KS-1130, do you think that it will make my set up sound so cold or dry? Because right now the amplifier TTVJ 307's sound is very clear and not warm
I can't imagine the 1130 making your system "cold or dry" they are a good cable that is more towards the warm smooth side " in my system". More Sky will be along, in the meantime why not audition both?
AQ coral from HCM audio is good and cheap or Cardas Cross, warmer, cheap, and very good, or signal cable silver cheap and excellent, or VAmpire Silver, very good, hard to beat and about 35% or your budget.
Thanks everyone.
I have just bought the Kimber KS-1130 on audiogon.

Do you think the Kimber KS-1130 will be better than Nordost Quattro????????????
In my opion, balanced cables sound more alike than RCA cables. XLR are more uniform in sound. Balanced is better as a conncection, but I prefer the sound of RCA where noise is not an issue.
I don't know if anyone has heard the KS-1136 (XLR) but they offer the same airyness and detail without any brightness or harshness plus they offer a tad more bass and it it tighter. I've had both and sold the Sky.

Of course, some of the differences heard or what is better is system dependent.

The KS-1136 offers two silver positive conductors and two silver return conductors. The KS-1130 uses one of each.
Nick- I wish you hadn't posted that info. Now I've GOT to spend another couple grand on I/Cs!
Has anyone compared the KS-1136 with Nordost Valhalla?