recommend DAC for mirror image audio .2p (preamp) with JBL 4344

I have used mirror image audio 1.1S+(power amp) and mirror image audio .2p (preamp) with JBL 4344 from 1996. 
I used only connection with CDP (california audio labs). This system sound good till now.
But I need DAC to use flac file from my labtop.
I tested DAC( TEAC UD-H01) which I have used for PC hifi with active speaker from Dynaudio.
TEAC UD-H01 was terrible for my amp and speaker.
Could you someone recommend DAC? I willing to spend 1000~1500 doller.
Schiit is in your price range and warm sounding.

Just above that is the Mytek Brooklyn. Lots of people raving about the Ayre Codex too.
The UD-H01 is an older lower-end DAC.  I wouldn't recommend it for your level of listening.  The newer Teac UD-501 (and possibly UD-503) have been getting good user feedback, but they will not be in the same league as the Schitt or Gustard DACs.  There's a Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSDse on audiogon for $1650.
Thank you for advice.
I goggle  Gustard DAC and find that there will be  GUSTARD DAC X20U pro. in this November. I will go for that.